An Important French 19th Century Onyx-Gilt-Bronze, Patinated Bronze & Champleve Enamel Jardinière, Centerpiece by Eugene Cornu



An Important French 19th Century Onyx,Gilt-Bronze, Patinated Bronze & Champleve Enamel Jardinière, Centerpiece by: Eugene Cornu,
Signed  Eug. Cornu Paris
Circa: 1870

Height: 16 1/8" (41 cm)
Length: 24"(61 cm)

The sculptor and bronzier Eugène Cornu (d. 1875) was a prominent Parisian artist to involve himself with new mediums and had a paricular interest in Algerian marble and onyx mines. Working closely with G. Viot, he exhibited extensively at the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1867. He also exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1874 and was a director of a bronze foundry as well as several other establishments in Paris. Amongst his numerous entreprises and partnerships, the one with G. Viot et Cie was the most successful and both were recorded at the premises of G. Viot & Cie. 'The Algerian Onyx-Marbles Co.', 24, boulevard des Italiens, Paris. They both had a huge success at the London 1862 and Paris 1867 Exposition Universellem, consequently winning the médaille d'or in 1867. See Calalogue de la Exposition Universelle de 1862, Section française, London 1862; Masterpieces of Industrial Art and Sculpture, J.B.Waring, London 1862.