Steuben Amethyst Glass “Thistle” Dinner service (77 pieces)


Circa 1920


Very rare Steuben Amethyst glass 77-piece dinner service cut and engraved in the Thistle pattern dating to the 1920’s. This complete service is a variation of shape number 6338, and may have been a special order from the Steuben factory


The set comprise of a pair of large candlesticks (Height: 20″), a large bowl (Height: 9″, Length: 13.5″, Width: 10.5″), two smaller bowls (Height: 6.5″, Length: 8.5″, Width: 6.75″), 12 dinner plates (Diameter: 10.5″), 12 salad plates (Diameter: 8.75″), 12 soup bowls (Height: 2.75″), 12 glasses (Height: 5″), 12 glasses (Height: 4.5″), 12 glasses (Height: 4.25″)


One place setting from this set is currently in the Rockwell Museum in Corning New York


Steuben Glass Works was an American art glass manufacturer, founded in the summer of 1903 by Fredrick C. Carder and Thomas G. Hawkes in Corning, New York, which is in Steuben County, from which the company name was derived. Hawkes was the owner of the largest cut glass firm then operating in Corning. Carder was an Englishman (born 18 September 1863) who had many years’ experience designing glass for Stevens and Williams in England.


Hawkes purchased the glass blanks for his cutting shop from many sources and eventually wanted to start a factory to make the blanks himself. Hawkes convinced Carder to come to Corning and manage such a factory. Carder, who had been passed over for promotion at Stevens and Williams, consented to do so