A German Oil on Canvas of a Lady in a White Dress Circle of Winterhalter


Circa 1850


Origin: Germany


Height: 59″ (149cm)
Width: 51″ (129cm)


Height: 44″ (111.76cm)
Width: 34.5″ (87.63cm)


Style: Portrait Painter


Material: Oil on Canvas


Maker: Circle of Franz Xaver Winterhalter


Artist Biography


Born in a small village in Germany’s Black Forest, Franz Xaver Winterhalter left his home to study painting at the academy in Munich. Before becoming court painter to Louis-Philippe, the king of France, he joined a circle of French artists in Rome


In 1835, after he painted the German Grand Duke and Duchess of Baden, Winterhalter’s international career as a court portrait painter was launched. Although he never received high praise for his work in his native Germany, the royal families of England, France, and Belgium all commissioned him to paint portraits. His monumental canvases established a substantial popular reputation, and lithographic copies of the portraits helped to spread his fame


Winterhalter’s portraits were prized for their subtle intimacy, but his popularity among patrons came from his ability to create the image his sitters wished or needed to project to their subjects. He was able to capture the moral and political climate of each court, adapting his style to each client until it seemed as if his paintings acted as press releases, issued by a master of public relations