A French Bronze Model of A Roman Soldier Entitled “Le Courage Militaire”


Circa 1865


Origin: France


Height: 34.5″ (91cm)
Width: 10″ (25cm)
Depth: 16″ (40cm)


Condition: EXCELLENT


Material: Patinated Bronze


Inscribed: P. Dubois.


Makers: F.Barbedienne & After Paul Dubois F. Barbedienne Foundry


Marked: F. Barbedienne and with Reduction Mechanique A. Collas Brevete Seal


Artist Bio


Paul Dubois (July 18, 1829 – May 23, 1905) was a significant French sculptor and painter. He was born at Nogent-sur-Seine. He studied law to please his family, and art to please himself, and finally adopted the latter, and placed himself in the atelier of Armand Toussaint (1806–1862), a former pupil of David d’Angers. After studying at the École des Beaux-Arts, Dubois went to Rome. His first contributions to the Paris Salon (1860) were busts of The Countess de B and A Child


For his first exhibited statues, The Infant St John the Baptist and Narcissus at the Bath (1863), he was awarded a medal of the second class. The statue of the Infant St John, which had been modelled in Florence in 1860, was exhibited in Paris in bronze, and was acquired by the French State for the Musée du Luxembourg


A Florentine Singer of the Fifteenth Century (depicted in doublet and hose playing a lute), for a time one of the most reproduced statuettes in Europe, was shown in 1865. A Virgin and Child appeared in the Exposition Universelle (1867); The Birth of Eve was produced in 1873, and was followed by striking busts of Jean-Jacques Henner, Dr Joseph Marie Jules Parrot of the Hôpital des Enfants, Paul Baudry, Louis Pasteur, Charles Gounod and Léon Bonnat, remarkable alike for life, vivacity, likeness, refinement and subtle handling


A bronze reproduction of Dubois’ Military Courage statue in Mount Vernon, Baltimore