Frequently Asked Questions


What Is The Shipping Cost For An Item?

Most of the time we will include shipping in the total price of the item. In some cases we would need your shipping address so we can calculate shipping based on your location. We ship worldwide, so please call us at (310) 858-7666 or email us at to inquire.

Can I Find Out About New Items Before They Become Available On The Website?

Joining our mailing list is the best way to preview our newest items before they become available to the public. Join our exclusive list, and be the first to know about all the new aquisitions.

Can Arte Antiques Find An Item For Me?

If there is a specific item you are interested in, please describe the item with a photo and we will try our hardest to find the piece for you.

Would Arte Antiques Be Interested In Buying My Antiques?

If you have an item you would like to offer to us, please call us at (310) 858-7666 or email us at to obtain instructions on sending descriptions, photographs and your asking price. We cannot consider items unless you provide an asking price.

Does Arte Antiques Buy Or Sell Reproductions?

We only buy or sell original works of art and antiques. We do not sell or buy reproductions of any kind.